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The family vineyard average age is around 20 years old, with old parcels and some others younger, regularly planted. The planting layouts are 5555 vines/ha with a 1.80 m space between rows to facilitate the work to the soil.

The entire vineyard lies on a thick layer of Beauce limestone, partly covered with a siliceous clay mix,   and partly with a sandy, rocky soil, with occasional areas of silt.

The first type of soil is mainly planted with red grape varietes Pinot Noir and Gamay on a large plateau. The second type is mainly used for white grape varietes (Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Romorantin ), which are grown on a north-west facing slope.

The vineyard is worked according to the strictest standards, using traditionnal and modern methods.

The grape harvest is mechanical, and the basic yields are often from 30 to 40 hl for reds and rosés, and 40 to 50 hl for whites.

Vinification is made in stainless steel vats under controlled temperatures.

When ready, blends are chosen according to the gustatory qualities of each cuvée, and the rules of the AOC.


The grapes used are :

80% Pinot noir - 20% Gamay for the Cheverny red and rosé,

80% Sauvignon - 20% Chardonnay for the Cheverny white,

100% Romorantin for the Cour-Cheverny white.

Concerned about environmental protection, our production is certified TERRA VITIS and HEV (High Environmental Value).

We welcome our visitors only on appointments, every working day of the week.

To contact us: +33 (0)2 54 20 64 31 or

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